Pastor Scot R. Gorsuch

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    Born in Waynesville, Ohio, Scot calls himself a hick at heart. Preferring blue jeans and work boots, he’s most relaxed training horses or hitching a team. Although he enjoys all sports, he uses sports to connect disconnected people to Jesus. You can often find him with a fishing rod in hand or a golf bag in his truck. By the way, he does know how to dress for the occasion.

    Scot received his Bachelor of Science Degree, with a dual major in Bible and Christian Ministry from Cincinnati Christian University and his Master of Ministry Degree from Kentucky Christian University. He has co-authored a devotional book and written numerous articles on church leadership, Sunday school and church planting. He and his wife, Carrie, have a goal to co-author books someday together.

    Growing up in the Ferry Church of Christ, who recently changed their name to Crossview Christian Church, he gained a passion for preaching and learned a love for ministry. He attended Butler Springs Christian Camp and preached his first sermon at camp as a freshman. He says; “Church camp changed my life. I was baptized there, preached my first sermon there, kissed my first girlfriend there (don’t tell Carrie) and committed myself to Christian service there.” He is indebted to the multitude of volunteers who shaped his life at Butler Springs Christian Camp.

    Scot recently married Carrie who is the soulmate of his dreams. Her claim to fame is crushing Scot in Bible Trivia. She knows her Bible! Together they have a blended family of five children and one granddaughter. And like any other family, find unique challenges, personalities and tensions, but love truly does prevail and hugs and pats on the back still resolve much.

    Scot has two passions in his life besides his wife, family and friends. One, he adores our sovereign God and two, he loves people; and he longs to restore the one to the Other.

    • My deepest desire is God, Himself. Like a deer panting after water, my soul pants after God. My desire is His Son, Jesus Christ, to know Him is to possess eternal life (John 17:3). My desire is God’s Spirit within me producing the fruits of the Spirit consistently. Trust me, I have worked construction, I have not arrived. I am on a journey as a fellow sojourner.

    • My passion is preaching and teaching that impacts lives and places God’s Word on the lips of His people, thus transforming hearts. I believe in the power, the practical application and the creative use of God’s Word. I believe in expository preaching and teaching, that God might be discovered and found to be authentic.

    • My passion is people development. It is my desire to see others grasp hold of the message of Christ and grow to know Him personally and intimately in such a manner that they sell out, claim Him and incorporate Him into their daily lives knowing that Jesus Christ is worth it all.

    • My passion is leadership. I live to lead and I live to teach others how to lead. Nothing pleases me more than when I see others leading as Christ would lead.

    • I am crazy passionate about my wife, a quiet, humble servant and a model to me of tenderness and faithfulness. She possesses an ability to move me at my core, like no other. I adore our children and long for them to have a heart for God and to walk with Jesus Christ.

    • These are my passions.


    I love people and I adore Jesus, and I long to restore the one to the Other.
    I live and breathe for this one purpose, to connect disconnected people to Jesus.

    “If you knew my journey, you would understand my joy.”


    When I was in eighth grade my youth minister, Bud Brown, pulled me into our minister’s office and said; “Scot I think you should consider being a preacher.” I said, “No way.” But the seed was planted.

    I preached my first sermon the summer after my freshman year of high school at church camp, Butler Springs Christian Camp. My best friend, Doug Combs, and a camp friend Dean Baker, encouraged me to take a preaching elective at camp. I preached on Friday night of that week and fell in love with the preaching event. In February of my sophomore year of high school our associate minister, Jeff Donley, entered me into a preaching contest at Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, Missouri. I made a deal with God, if I win, I’ll preach for you but if I don’t win this is over. I won.

    I knew ever since then, this is what I was born to do.

    My three best spiritual gifts are teaching, preaching and discernment. Well I think realistically, I WANT two of my top three to be teaching and preaching. Time will tell. I love preaching and teaching God’s Word in a manner by which people can connect with God and His Son Jesus Christ through His Spirit.

    When I went through my divorce in 2008 it was the most humiliating process I have ever faced. A minister, getting a divorce: that thought still wounds me deeply. The fear of never preaching again haunts me, but lately God has been revealing more of His grace to me. I often wonder how I would describe that to a church, that tension between being divorced and yet a passion to preach, if God ever opens the door for me to preach again:

    Why did you get divorced? “Sin, stubbornness, and pride.”
    What has been the result? “Heartbreak, embarrassment, loss of dreams.”
    What is the outcome? “Humility, dependence on God, joy, a better Father, a wrestling with Grace.”

    Since life is a journey and our walk with God is never picture perfect, I have found in the wrestling and in the long talks with close friends and family over the past eight years, that redemption is for everyone, even preachers, who often need it the most. I have fallen into a love affair with God’s infinite, matchless, amazing, Grace!


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